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I am excited to offer a wide variety of services!  Have another idea in mind?  
I love performing at unique events.  Please Contact Me with your event
details and ideas to get a price quote based on your needs. 


Wedding Ceremony - Violin, Hardanger Fiddle, or Both 

$400 / Ceremony

I will work with you to pick meaningful music for each part of your ceremony.  This includes 15 minutes of prelude music, family seating and bridal party processional music, the bride's entrance, music during the ceremony, recessional music, and 15 minutes of postlude music.  Attendance at the wedding rehearsal is an additional $400 but is absolutely not necessary; I have played at hundreds of weddings and will gather information about the size of your bridal party and other details of the service to perfect timing.  Wedding ceremonies are available on solo violin and I perform anything from traditional classical to modern pop songs.  Have Norwegian heritage?  Folk tunes and bridal marches from your ancestors' region of Norway make a beautiful addition to a wedding!  If you are looking for a string quartet, please visit the Rhapsody String Quartet Website.


Performance - Violin, Hardanger Fiddle, or Both 

$300 / 1 Hour

You let me know what you would like for the musical mood (classical, pop music, folk music, Hardanger fiddle) and I will play for an hour from my repertoire.  If I am playing for multiple hours, I will take a short break at the top of each hour.  Think creatively!  I have performed everywhere from formal concert settings to backyard parties.  Depending on the structure of your event, if my "total playing time" adds up to 1 hour, this is the rate that applies.  A discount applies if a performance is booked in conjunction with a wedding, for example, for a cocktail or dinner hour.  


Hardanger Fiddle Presentation

$300 / 1 Hour Presentation

The Hardanger fiddle is a unique instrument and an integral part of Norwegian culture.  I will present information about the music and dance of the Hardanger fiddle, demonstrate the instrument, perform many tunes, answer questions, and give an up-close look at the instrument.  If requested, I will wear my traditional Norwegian bunad or other festive dress.  Presentations can be tailored to fit anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. 

Potential presentation foci:

  • Hardanger Fiddle basics

  • Harding What?  Everything you've wanted to know about the Hardanger fiddle but were afraid to ask

  • Stories on Strings: The Hardanger Fiddle's Folklore

  • Dance Traditions: Bygdedans and Gammeldans 

  • Contemporary Hardanger Fiddle Music

  • Music of a specific region

  • Edvard Grieg's folk music influences


Hardanger Fiddle Lessons 

$40 / 30 Minute Lesson

As is tradition, the Hardanger fiddle is taught by ear and the student is given the sheet music only when they have mastered a tune by memory.  Because of this, it is easiest to learn the Hardanger fiddle in person if possible.  However, because it is such a rare instrument, I offer online lessons via Zoom.  Please contact me to check on lesson availability and learn about lesson policies.  As of 2024, I am currently not accepting new violin or Hardanger fiddle students.


Travel Time & Mileage

$ Variable

I regularly travel within the tri-state area of Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.  A mileage charge will be added for travel to venues outside of a 15-mile/15-minute radius of my hometown.  I use the current federal mileage rate multiplied by the round-trip miles and number of trips.  I will let you know if a mileage charge applies well in advance of booking.  


Special Requests 

$ Variable

I love to expand my repertoire!  Sometimes a special request necessitates that I purchase sheet music, do a custom arrangement, or need extra rehearsal time.  I can also coordinate with other musicians, such as pianists or vocalists, to rehearse and perform.  Please let me know about any special requests or collaborations and I will let you know if an additional fee applies.



Please Contact Me! 

Please Note:
  • I offer performances at a greatly discounted price for 501c3 non-profit groups and charity events.
  • I regularly offer discounts in exchange for in-trade marketing and publicity.  
  • Please contact me and I will provide press materials including a biography, photo, and more. 
  • I am a founding member of the Rhapsody String Quartet.  If you are looking for a string quartet for your wedding, cocktail hour, party, or another special event, please see the Rhapsody String Quartet Website for more information.
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